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Identifying Termite Damage - What to Look For?

If you are a homeowner, you know that there is a lot to upkeep. Between keeping the inside of the house clean and clutter free and keeping the outside yard looking neat, there is a lot of time consuming work. Unfortunately, there are other things to keep aware of- such as pest infestations. Termites are a common pest infestation that you will most likely have to address as a homeowner. The damage from termites can be devastating to your home’s structure, as well as your wallet.

Discarded Wings

After termites have matured and leave to find a new colony, they shed their wings. You will notice piles of these wings either inside or outside of your home. If you notice discarded wings, you should call a pest control professional to determine how much damage has been done, as it is impossible to discern how long the termites have been eating your home.

Cracked Paint

Cracked or peeling paint can be a sign of termite damage as the structure of the home is beginning to settle differently due to termite activity. As termites can consume quite an alarming amount of wood, it is important to pay attention to any cracked paint on wooden structures.

Soft or Damaged Wood

Particularly in older basements and attics, you may notice that your structural joists are soft, splintered, or have small holes. You may also notice this in other wooden structures within your home as well. If the wood is soft and disintegrating when touched, this is a sign that you have significant termite damage. Call a pest control professional immediately.

Mud Tubes

This is a common sign of termite activity. Mud tubes can be found on any wooden structure, but are most prevalent in your home’s foundation. As termites eat their way through the dirt and into the wooden structure of the home, you can also discover mud tubes on your outside walls. Termites will reuse tunnels that they have used previously, so even if the termite activity appears dormant at the time, you should still have a pest control professional examine these tunnels and have them treated.

Termite damage is a terrible thing to discover as a homeowner. But there is hope!

Contact Aardvark Pest Control Inc. and we will take care of the problem right away!


Joe Mishak - Aardvark Pest Control Inc.

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