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Mosquito Control

See a Mosquito Reduction in Your Yard with Aardvark Pest Control

If mosquitoes are making it impossible to enjoy your own backyard, it’s time to call Aardvark Pest Control. Mosquitoes are stubborn pests, and it’s impossible to eliminate them completely. However, our services are guaranteed to give you dramatic mosquito reduction results that allow you to enjoy your time outside without constantly swatting. 


Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes reproduce rapidly, which means you need regular treatments to keep their numbers in check. That’s why our mosquito control includes monthly visits from March to October, giving you relief all season long. We exclusively treat the exterior of your home, so you don’t even have to be home for us to begin eliminating mosquitoes.

Protect Your Family from Mosquitoes

Not only are they annoying, but mosquitoes are also a serious health risk. These insects can transmit diseases such as malaria, Dengue Fever, West Nile virus, and many others. With our mosquito control, your family will be better protected from these illnesses. You’ll also be protected from annoying mosquito bites, without needing smelly bug spray.

Eliminate Mosquito Breeding Grounds

Preventative measures are just as important as reactive treatments when it comes to keeping mosquito populations low. There are a few simple tips you can follow to make your yard unattractive to mosquitoes, which includes eliminating their breeding areas. Mosquitoes need moist, shaded areas to reproduce. Without them, they’re unlikely to lay eggs on your property.

To eliminate mosquito breeding grounds, you can:

  • Regularly change birdbath water

  • Dump standing water in wheelbarrows, flowerpots, and other vessels.

  • Repair leaking spigots

  • Keep the lid on your trash can to prevent it from filling with water

  • Keep your gutters clear of debris that could cause water to collect

We Don’t Require Contracts!

While recurring treatments are the best way to ensure mosquitoes stay away, we understand that’s not the best option for everyone—that’s why we offer no-contract mosquito control, so you can choose between a one-time solution and regularly scheduled visits.

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