Pest Library

Wheat Weevil

“The wheat weevil, Sitophilus granarius (also known as the grain weevil or granary weevil), occurs all over the world and is a common pest in many places. It can cause significant damage to harvested grains that are being stored and may drastically decrease yields. The females lay many eggs and the larvae eat the inside of the grain kernels.”

Source: [ Wikipedia ]

Boll Weevil

“The boll weevil (Anthonomus grandis) is a beetle measuring an average length of six millimeters, which feeds on cotton buds and flowers. Thought to be native to Central America, it migrated into the United States from Mexico in the late 19th century and had infested all U.S. cotton-growing areas by the 1920s, devastating the industry and the people working in the American south. During the late 20th century it became a serious pest in South America as well. Since 1978, the Boll Weevil Eradication Program in the U.S. allowed full-scale cultivation to resume in many regions.”

Source: [ Wikipedia ]

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